Sky Travellers, KRAFT Bergen, 3 okt. – 9 nov. 2014

A walk through a cosmos of Sky travellers. With more than 40 exhibits it is a densely populated but porous exhibition in a difficult space. Move within the diverse expressions and between Roads, Drabanter (satellites), Winnowing Sky Travellers and Warhopen, all of whom calls for dialogue, drawing us between atmospheres – one after another…

The black Chopin is suspended at head height; fully accessible for close encounters with passers-by. Its great gravitational effect has influenced several of the smaller Drabant’s who are being pulled towards this imploding cloud.

The Event horizon, travelling along orbit 1167 may be discussing his shape and position with the approaching Myosotis and the White snow-swan crystal`s.

A figure is walking a landscape. Or is it the Walking Landscape that is trying to get the shadow cows involved in its volume?

Bergen Identity is an on-site sketch that maps the roads I have been using for years, with the location of the manholes and the stretches of the cobbled stones and the colours of the houses.

Fjellveien (Mountain road), is passing by. The Autostrada is tracing the top of the drawing frame, rolled up, imitating the typical layers of technical subterranean installations.

The gravitational centre is a suspended body resembling a stair, leading one’s eyes upwards, perhaps making one forget the city structure outside, and all the orbiting Sky Travellers for a moment. The rickety stairs of one’s imagination would make it possible to lose oneself in the outer spaces of one’s own language.